reliable health information for internationals


Gwendela Kleppers - 25-09-2020 reliable health information for internationals launches the English version of

This week, the Dutch College of General Practitioners (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap, NHG) has launched, a website offering reliable and up-to-date information on health topics and healthcare in the Netherlands. The website aims to empower people with health-related questions, and to support GPs in their care for English-speaking patients.

Collaboration H4i and internationals has been established in collaboration with internationals, GPs who mainly work with internationals and Healthcare for internationals (, a non-profit network that aims to improve accessibility of Dutch healthcare for international patients. The content of was created by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) in collaboration with the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists, Akwa GGZ (quality alliance for mental healthcare), the Netherlands Patients Federation, and H4i. Since 2019, U-center is part of H4i. is the English version of is an independent health information website in Dutch, based on scientific guidelines of general practitioners and medical specialists and guidelines for people with mental health issues. The information provided on the website is clear and easy to understand for non-medical readers. contains a selection of topics from the Dutch website and will be available as a pilot project (try-out) until the end of 2020. Internationals are encouraged to visit the site and leave feedback, in order to improve the website and help evaluate the pilot project.

Expected gains
The Dutch equivalent of,, has almost 5 million unique visitors each month and is recognised by Dutch national authorities. It is used by almost all GPs in their consultations. Visiting can help people with health-related questions to feel better informed. They can find out what they can do themselves and be more prepared when they visit their GP. The website also helps people to decide whether or not a GP-visit is needed. currently contains a selection of important topics, such as information on the most common health issues, how to prepare for a consultation with your GP, how healthcare is organised in the Netherlands and where to find more information.