Practical information

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Fast leadtime of 2-4 weeks

Waiting times

At U-center you can quickly go for a treatment. Within 1 day we can process your registration and take the first telephone intake. Then we need a referral letter and documents from you. As soon as these are received, the information will be assessed by our team within 1 day. We will call you back immediately to schedule a consultation, which can usually take place within 2 weeks. If a positive clinical indication is reached during the advisory meeting, a date will be set immediately. The next spot is usually available within 4 weeks.

On the first day of admission in Epen you will receive an explanation of the intensive treatment program, the first phase, the code of conduct that applies to clients and employees at U-center and medical screening takes place. 

Code of conduct

To enable everyone to have a comfortable and safe stay in our treatment centre, we work with a code of conduct. This is essential for the best treatment result and treatment climate for you and your fellow clients. Here you can read a lot about what to expect while being in our clinic. 

Code of conduct


Our communication center is available on weekdays from 9am till 8pm. You immediately get to talk to a professional who can help with all your questions.

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