Collaboration Healthcare for Internationals (H4i) and U-center


Ira Bongers - 07-03-2019

Collaboration Healthcare for Internationals (H4i) and U-center

Since March 1, U-center is part of the ‘Coöperatie Healthcare for Internationals’ (H4i). On March 4, 2019, the directors of U-center (Ton Habets and Ingrid Weijnen) and H4i (Dirk-Jan Frijling) signed the membership agreement.

It is known that more than 50% of expats, experience psychological complaints as a result of moving to another country. For U-center, as a treatment centre for internationals, the cooperative is a great way to exchange knowledge and expertise and to use the network to further develop and improve the care for our international clients.

We stand for good treatment of internationals/expats in their own language and with knowledge of these migration issues. Partly because we also employ expats and highly skilled migrants.

What is H4i
Healthcare for Internationals (H4i) is a non-profit network with the main objective to improve the connection between Dutch healthcare and the needs and expectations of clients with an international background. H4i is a cooperative in which healthcare providers and other organizations that subscribe to the objectives can join. The network consists of healthcare providers, such as health centres, providers of mental health care and obstetricians. Other interested organizations can also join.

International clients participate in the network as representatives of the target group. The network supports affiliated care providers to innovate their care services in close cooperation with these internationals. The members share knowledge, best practices and instruments such as training of professionals in the field of transcultural communication and differences in care systems, e-Health systems, communication with the target group and logistics concepts.