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Recognising the symptoms of depression

Around the globe, many people suffer from depression or a depressive disorder at least once in their lifetime. But spotting the symptoms of depression in yourself or others can be quite the challenge because they can be very different for everyone.

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The first signs of depression

Everyone experiences depression in their own way. While some depressive episodes are harder than others, there are some telltale symptoms. The DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) considers having a depressed or gloomy mood and a loss of interest in almost all activities as a common characteristic for all depressions.

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Severe depression symptoms

If you feel like you’ve lost all interest in almost all activities or if you’ve been in a gloomy mood for at least two weeks on end, you might have a depressive disorder. Even though the symptoms of depression can vary, we’ve gathered the most common ones here.

Emotional depression symptoms

It’s likely that you’re suffering from depression if you’ve been feeling down or depressed for a while. But that doesn’t have to be the way you experience your depression. You could also be feeling like all enthusiasm or interest for anything you used to enjoy have left you entirely, or you could feel lonely or as if you’re not worth the time of day. Please remember that you are in fact not alone and more than worthy of time, love and help. U-center is here to help you overcome these feelings.

Cognitive depression symptoms

Another way in which depression shows itself is through cognitive symptoms. For instance, you might notice that you can’t seem to be able to focus, feeling restless. Or you could just as easily feel sluggish and slow, having trouble retaining information or noticing that you’re more forgetful than usual. These symptoms could indicate that you suffer from depression, but with the help of the right professionals, you can overcome these symptoms and live a normal life. 

Physical depression symptoms

Depression or depressive disorders have a huge impact on our lives. And even though we often associate the mental disorder with emotional pain such as feeling hopeless or sad, the disorder can have an impact on the body, too. After all, mental issues aren’t “all in your head”. These are some of the more common physical symptoms of depressive disorders:

Digestive system
The digestive system takes a hit when you suffer from depression. That’s why you might have noticed digestive problems or pain in your abdominal region. The stress and pure emotion of having depression takes its toll and is often visible in the digestive system.

When someone is suffering from depression, the pain tolerance is lowered. You might experience aching muscles or frequent headaches.

Other problems
But the list doesn’t end there: you could also be feeling exhausted or low on energy, you could experience a sudden weight gain or loss, you could find that your eyes are giving you trouble, and so on. If you feel like you could have depression, contact your doctor or a professional. Or consider recovering at U-center. We have extensive experience in the field of depressive disorders.

Recovery at U-center

We design a unique treatment programme that is catered to your needs. You’ll sit down with an expert who will not only take your depressive disorder into account but will also have a look at any underlying problems. Based on that conversation, we’ll create a personal treatment plan for you. We do this because we believe a person is complex and unique and should be treated as such to work towards recovery. 

Do you want to learn more about how U-center guides you on the road to recovery? Consult our overview of admission at U-center.

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Are you looking for a mental health centre that specialises in the treatment of depression and multiple disorders (comorbidity)? At U-center, you’ll enter a short and intense programme that helps you tackle your mental health issues. Do you have any additional questions or would you like to know more about our clinic? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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