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For a long time, you have been struggling with mental health problems - depression, anxiety disorder, addiction or trauma. But you have not been able to find the right help. Do you want to maintain change in your behavioural patterns? Are you looking for help in your mental health in Luxembourg? U-center could be the right solution for you.

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Our mental health clinic near Luxembourg

Our mental health clinic is located near Maastricht, in the beautiful, rolling countryside of South Limburg in the Netherlands. It is only a two-hour drive from Luxembourg city. Our healing environment encompasses hospitality, expertise, personal attention and dedication. We take a results-oriented approach and maintain close contact with referrers, family and other relevant parties such as employers. U-center is an international facility with Dutch and English-speaking groups. Here, we provide you with an intensive programme to give you a new perspective on life. You can turn your life around and recover your mental health with us in just seven weeks. Make your U-turn at U-center, where real change begins.

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Who we treat

Usually several problems occur together and are related. They can also provoke or reinforce one another. U-center specialises in treating two or more co-occuring mental health conditions together.

Mood disorder


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Anxiety disorder


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Posttraumatic-stress disorder


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Personality disorder

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Internet, gaming, gambling & sex

Behavioral addiction

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Substance addiction


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Substance addiction


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Substance addiction


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Fast leadtime

At U-center you can quickly go for a treatment. Within one day we can process your registration and take the first telephone intake. Then we need a referral letter and documents from you. As soon as these are received, the information will be assessed by our team within one day. We will call you back immediately to schedule a consultation, which can usually take place within two weeks. If a positive clinical indication is reached during the advisory meeting, a date will be set immediately. The next spot is usually available within four weeks. Every Luxembourg citizen is eligible for treatment at U-center. The costs are fully covered by CNS.

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Time for a new perspective

Looking for a short & intensive treatment?

You may have already tried various therapies with different care providers, but in spite of this, change does not seem to last. You still have not been able to overcome your mental health problems - depression, anxiety disorder, trauma, burnout or addiction. Can’t find the right mental health care in Luxembourg? U-center exists to help people like you. At our mental health centre for complex, co-occurring mental disorders, we don’t just work on the problem, we also work on the underlying cause.

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