Vacancy head of treatment

Are you a psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, psychologist or nursing specialist and would you love to work with multidisciplinary teams in our mental health treatment centre?

Never again a Blue Monday ...

Working as head of treatment at U-center gives you energy and satisfaction.

While you watch the sun rise over the beautiful hills, a new day dawns in our clinic in Epen. Upon entering you treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee in the lounge, chat with a sociotherapist and continue towards the team room.

After the necessary weekend stories have been exchanged with your teammates, you will find your first client for an in-depth therapy session. During the multidisciplinary consultation you include different visions from, among others, psychotherapists, drama therapists and physiotherapists to check the progress and the treatment vision for the 6 clients that you are responsible for. Together with a sociotherapist you than offer an intensive MBT group where the necessary valuable and emotional themes are exchanged.

You start the lunch break with a satisfied feeling. After a leisurely walk in the forest with colleagues, you can enjoy a fresh cup of soup or a delicious lunch buffet prepared by our chefs when you return.

Our 'indication afternoon' is scheduled in after lunch, where you and your team receive a few potential clients and their loved ones in our clinic. In-depth discussions follow to carefully coordinate how the client can best benefit from our treatment offer. Back in the teamroom, you help your colleague with a few questions about diagnostics and you refine the treatment plan for a new client. The working day is slowly coming to an end. Two teammates head towards the gym and you decide to swim a few laps in the pool. With a satisfied feeling you drive back home.


What makes your heart beat faster

  • Collaboration in multidisciplinary teams: In close collaboration with various experts you create the most effective treatment vision together.
  • Versatile & Dynamic: Every day is surprising and varied, on the one hand due to the great diversity of clients and indications, on the other hand due to the various forms of therapy where you can work both individually and in groups. There is also the possibility to work in Dutch with our national target group.
  • Short & Intensive: It is incredibly satisfying to be able to literally change lives in a short time and in an intensive therapeutic setting and to help people back into their strength, our so-called U-turn.
  • Small-scale & Impactful: Due to a relatively small-scale and flat organization, you can really make a difference as a directing practitioner, inviting you to also think along with our policy.
  • Warm & Pleasant working environment: Our clinics are deliberately located in the beautiful Limburg hills and furnished in a warm and pleasant way. The environment also makes an important contribution to happiness at work and treatment results.

How we make your work at U-center even more pleasant

  • Competitive terms of employment in accordance with the GGZ Collective Labor Agreement
  • Multidisciplinary meeting twice a week
  • Intervisions
  • Annual team outings and employee days
  • A significant percentage of treatment time in addition to your role as head of treatment
  • Personal training budget of € 1,500 / year to support your development needs
  • Clinical leadership training program
  • Supervision and work guidance
  • Free use of gym & swimming pool
  • Working hours are determined in consultation


Would you like to know more and experience U-center?

We would like to invite you to take a look behind the scenes so you can experience firsthand what makes U-center such a unique place.

You can of course also make an appointment online. For more information or additional questions, please contact:

Telephone: 06-82375459
Mail: (Claudia Nijssen)


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You can also apply directly for the vacancy via the application form. Send us your resume and motivation and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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