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Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction can be very difficult to recognize. If you find yourself unable to stop using social media, chatting, or other internet activities, you may have a social media addiction.

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What is social media addiction?

A world without the internet is unimaginable. Some people use it more than others, but some cannot live offline anymore. Social media addiction is a relatively new phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common, and it is still difficult to recognize. This makes this addiction even more dangerous. The online world can become a substitute for the real world, causing you to become increasingly disconnected from reality and ending up in a social isolation. The goal is to find a healthy balance and make constructive use of the internet. There are different forms of social media addiction or internet addiction. Another common form is game addiction.

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Am I addicted to social media?

When are you addicted to social media?

Social media addiction is very difficult to recognize. Being online on different social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram is normal for many people. We only speak of social media addiction when it comes at the expense of offline contact. Online interaction in this case is often a complete replacement for offline contact. Often, your 'real life' is subservient to your online life. Someone who is addicted to social media can have similar symptoms to someone with another addiction, such as restlessness, lying about usage, irritation, and depressive feelings.

When are you addicted?

Consequences of Social Media Addiction

Like other behavioral addictions, addiction to social media can lead to many problems in terms of social contacts, home life, and work. Your functioning is negatively affected, and you begin to miss more and more tasks. Eventually, this leads to disruption of your daily life. The problems and consequences gradually merge, and you end up in a negative spiral. This increases the need to escape into undesirable behavior, and so the vicious circle is complete. We often see that an increase in problems due to your behavioral addiction can also lead to substance addiction, such as alcohol or drugs.

How U-center Treats Your Addiction
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Internet Addiction and Psychological Problems

Social media addiction often arises in combination with other psychological problems. For example, you may develop an internet addiction as a way to avoid unpleasant events or to escape from a personal problem. In this case, social media, chatting, or gaming may start as a coping mechanism and turn into an addiction after prolonged excessive use.

Addiction and Comorbidity

Help with Social Media Addiction

Do you suffer from social media addiction in combination with other addictions or mental disorders? U-center offers intensive treatment for your addiction.

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