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Help with a Gaming Addiction

When gaming appears more important than other needs such as eating and sleeping, it may be necessary to sound the alarm. A gaming addiction is, in fact, a serious problem.

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game addiction

Am I addicted to gaming?

What is Gaming Addiction?

Spending hours gaming, wanting to win or complete that one game, and finding it hard to stop before you achieve that goal - these are signs of a potential gaming addiction. The highly advanced, sometimes almost lifelike electronic games available today have an addictive quality that can lead to compulsive behaviour. This is known as behavioural addiction, often related to online games. Gaming addiction can have negative effects on your mental and physical health.

What is an addiction?

Symptoms gaming addiction

When Are You Addicted to Gaming?

When gaming becomes an obsession, it can interfere with taking care of yourself, your relationships, and your work. If you're impeded from playing your game, this can cause frustration. A gaming addict often loses themselves entirely in the game and sets aside all other responsibilities and interests. In addition, obsessive gamers often retreat into this world to escape problems in their daily lives. You only feel good when gaming and often only play with people you know through the game and not in real life.

If you're addicted to gaming, you're more likely to become socially isolated. Gaming addiction doesn't happen overnight, even if you can regularly play for hours at a time. As with any other behavioural addiction or addiction to drugs or alcohol, gaming addiction often comes at the expense of normal daily life. If you no longer have control over your gaming behaviour, it's possible that you have a gaming addiction.

When are you addicted?

Consequences of Gaming Addiction

With gaming addiction, playing games often takes priority over other responsibilities, causing individuals to sacrifice their social life, healthy eating habits, and sleep to keep gaming. This can lead to physical problems such as obesity, headaches, and insomnia. Psychological issues often manifest in the form of loneliness and feelings of depression.

Treating addiction

Seeking Help for Gaming Addiction

If you are struggling with gaming addiction in combination with other addictions or mental health disorders, U-center provides intensive treatment to help you overcome your addiction.

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