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Who we treat

Patients with co-occurring psychological disorders

Some patients have difficulty overcoming depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma or burnout. Together with your patient, you as a general practitioner, psychiatrist, company doctor or therapist, may have tried several options without reaching the desired or a lasting effect. Most treatment programmes in the Netherlands focus on a single condition, while often, multiple interrelated problems and conditions occur together. U-center specializes in integrated and simultaneous treatment of dual diagnosis, with real and lasting results.

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Our approach

U-center provides a unique programme of treatment

We treat the person, not only the condition. We are specialized in comorbidity, and help your patient to understand the underlying causes. At U-center, we address patients as clients. They receive exactly the treatment that they need, taking into account family, relationships and work. We do this by means of a range of therapies that are given individually, in groups and with the help of system therapy. We like to involve family members closely in our patients’ treatment. This is how we reach the core of the problem.

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Five reasons to choose U-center






Reason 1: Intensive treatment in a comfortable environment

In an intensive residential programme lasting seven weeks followed by seven weeks’ outpatient treatment, we help you realize your U-turn – the point at which you make lasting change in your mental health condition. The comfortable setting of our clinic in Epen contributes to your turn-around.

Reason 2: Expert in co-occurring mental health disorders

Usually several problems occur together and are related. They can also provoke or reinforce one another. U-center specialises in treating two or more co-occurring mental health conditions together, through a combination of therapies.

Reason 3: Highly effective treatment

Research which monitors how our clients progress in the year after they leave U-center, shows that our treatment for mental health disorders is extremely effective. Around 75% of our clients maintain significant recovery, or show further improvement in this year, results which are above the national average.

Reason 4: Excellent customer satisfaction rating

After completing a programme of treatment with us, we invite our clients to rate us. A high proportion - 86% of former U-center clients - recommend us. Former clients also award us an average satisfaction rating of 8.2.

Reason 5: Scientifically based

U-center uses the most up-to-date, scientifically proven methods to improve mental health. To achieve this, we work closely together with the University of Maastricht, and our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board.

Residential treatment centre

An inspiring and welcoming environment

Our behavioral health hospital consists of our residential location near Maastricht, situated in the beautiful rolling countryside of South Limburg, and our outpatient clinic on Landgoed de Horst, near Utrecht. We offer motivated clients the perfect place to work intensively on themselves.

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Impressive treatment results and satisfied clients

Treatment at U-center is a special experience. This is evident from the high satisfaction ratings given by our (former) clients. No less than 84% of former clients recommend us, something we are very proud of, but which makes us no less ambitious. We are constantly developing and improving the treatment we provide. We are advised by Maastricht University and an independent Scientific and Advisory Board regarding the quality and content of our treatment. Everything is designed to give our clients a new perspective on life and enable them to achieve substantial and lasting change.


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Treatment duration

2x7 weeks

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I think that working together with U-center will benefit the patient in need of short-term, intensive and multidisciplinary treatment not far from Luxembourg.

Alexandra Göpel - Psychiatrist (Luxembourg)